DIY Kit for 10-12 participants

At sometimes there are some LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® kits out of stock. But there is a choice to compose your kit yourself. To help you out, we added a step-by-step guide. But do bear in mind that this Do-It-Yourself approach requires some preparatory work. The positive side is that the price of the suggested collection for a group of 10 people would be more or less the same as the LSP Landscape and Identity Kit, i.e. it will vary between 500-600 EUR depending on how many individual items you purchase.

However, this collection will have certain limitations. There are some particular elements in the LSP kits, which are usually important business metaphors, but are unfortunately so rare in Lego stock that no other sets include them in sufficient quantity. You will have to do without them:
*Rubber and string connectors, tubes, and rods
*Stop-signs, speed limits, and roadblocks.
*Fortresses, glass walls, transparent ‘meteors’, spider-webs and fences

This step-by-step guide will help you to create a set that would be appropriate for a group of 10-15 people.

Step One – Storage and division

LEGO® Education Storage Bins (measurements: 26*42*31cm / 12″x16.5″x10″) – it is convenient for transporting legos and handling the brick between tables.
– In case you are looking for smaller storage bins ca 10cm (4”), some theme sets come with it, such as:
–9311L – LEGO® Education City Buildings Set
–9333L – LEGO® Education Vehicles Set
–9335L – LEGO® Education Space & Airport Set

  • Those Lego sets have been packaged quite full of bricks and you will not be able to add many additional pieces to those boxes as I suggest below.

— LEGO® Drawer Set – is a convenient tool for in house facilitation. The set allows you to divide similar types of brick into different slots for easy access. It includes a 26 cm (10″) base plate and smaller base plates. But you do need to consider two things:

  • those drawers are only suitable for small bricks;
  • there is no lock system. That means while the Storage Boxes close with a solid ‘click’ and once they are in place then they can fall and nothing would happen to them – when you tilt the Drawer set even slightly everything would fall out of it.

Rubbermaid’s Drawer Tray– allows easily to divide similar types of bricks into sections. Both Landscape Kit and Connection kit come with handy sorting trays also.

Step Two – Base Plates

Two main options depend on what type of bricks you use.

  • 2304L – LEGO® Duplo Green Building Plate – square 38cm (15″). However, from experience, there is not much use for those base plates. Participants often place Duplo bricks on the smaller type plates.
  • For small LEGO® bricks, the most practical is to choose single large building plate for each table. there is:
    -large 628L 38cm (15″) base plates;
    -small 626L 26cm (10″) base plate.
    —PS! The small base plate will fit in Storage Box; the large one won’t.

If you want to buy multiple base plates:
LEGO® Education Large Building Plates includes three 26cm (10″) and one 38cm (15″) base plates. In three colours: 2 green plates; a blue plate and a grey plate. That will allow you to differentiate between nature, grass and forest (green), water and interiors (blue) and generic streetscapes (grey).
LEGO® Education Small Building Plates – contains 22 base plates which will suffice for a group of 10 members.

Step Three – Community Sets

The designed kits come with over 2000 or over 2750 pieces, so to have a vivid and imaginative discussion with your participants, it is necessary to combine some different packages into one.

  • 9389L – LEGO® Educational Community Starter Set – consist of 1907 components. A large number of simple building blocks, mini figures, and unique items. It also comes with a large storage box. The set provides an appropriate starting point for most fundamental building activities. Although the number of pieces might sound already ca 1/3 of the Landscape and Identity Kit, this is still not nearly enough for significant building for a group of 10 people.
  • 9385L – Educational Scenery Set Box – consist of 1207 parts what are both ordinary bricks as well as some unusual items, e.g. flowers, snakes, chicken, flags, etc. * PS! It might be a good idea to remove the flags in the set, so you as a facilitator can walk around in the room and mark some important items on the buildings.
  • Alternative: If you don’t need those special items an economical set is 9384L – Community Educational Brick Set. It contains 884 regular bricks that will suffice for simple building tasks.

Step Four – Additions to Community Sets

Participants usually want 4-5 people figures. There is a possibility to buy each figurine individually, but it will be expensive. It would substantially make sense to purchase sets. I decided to go for one of the both packages below for each table, but depending on your focus on people-issues during facilitation session, you might even want to take two boxes of the both mini-figure sets for a group of 10.

  • 9348L – LEGO® Education Community Minifigures Set has 22 community mini figures (e.g. employees, athletes, children, and cleaners). It is useful if you want the participants to discuss their customers – ordinary people from the street or the employees in their organisation.
  • 9349L – LEGO® Education Fairytale and Historic Minifigures Set has 22 fairy tale and historic mini figures, which includes jesters, kings, princesses, soldiers, skeletons. These mini figures could be used to describe business threats, competitors or in some cases also difficult co-workers in their organisations.

Some additional items might come handy to your boxes.

  • LEGO® Creepy Crawlers Set has snakes, spiders, and scorpions. It is a fascinating tiny set that is helpful for describing the business threats or everyday problems that people tend to have.
  • LEGO® Duplo Wild Animals Set has lions, elephants, monkeys, and alligators helps easily describe in a colourful manner different stakeholders, clients or competitors that your group members come across on an everyday basis.
  • 9387L – Vehicles and Wheels Set is a great tool to discuss dynamic topics. Also, it’s useful if you plan to use “Go-kart Creativity Task,” as an ice-breaker in a workshop.

Step Five – Optional Items

Your storage box might be already full containing all the elements from above. But if you plan to work more with metaphors than purchasing the following sets would allow you to put some additional animals to the tables.

  • LEGO® Duplo Large Zoo is more elaborate but sufficient for at least 20 people to use for additional stakeholder work. However, bear in mind that this comes in a large carton box and you will probably need a separate Storage Box to put them in.
  • LEGO® Duplo First Farm is smaller and just enough for the group of 10. It comes with Duplo building blocks and animals that might also be good for your metaphors work – cows, chicken.

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